Express Security

Concrete Division Services

There is no substitute in this industry for experience and expertise. We are experienced and have successfully completed a wide range of projects under various challenging conditions.

Express also stays on the cutting edge of new technology and techniques. Our project managers and workers receive the most up-to-date technical support and continuing education. Everyone at Express - from project managers to on-site personnel is committed to meeting the highest standards of performance and delivering outstanding results.

With a strong estimating, project management and field crew team, Express can provide you with prompt, competitive bids as well as assistance during the planning stages.

Core Drilling

Express is equipped to handle all of your core drilling needs no matter the size or quantity. Core drilling can be performed in reinforced concrete, steel, brick, block or stone.


  • Saw Cut & Removal

  • Slab Sawing
  • Flat sawing is used to cut most horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete floors, expansion and control joints, roofs, pavement, aggregate or asphalt surfaces. Slab sawing features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk behind a machine that is either electric or gas powered.

  • Wall Sawing
  • Wall sawing is used to create precise openings for windows, doors and ventilation units. Wall sawing uses a track mounted diamond blade that can perform up to 24", allowing a 48" cut when cutting from both sides of a wall. Wall sawing can make vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete or masonry walls.


Chain/Hand Sawing

Diamond chain and/or hand-held chainsaw cutting of concrete is generally utilized when wall awing can't be performed in small, tight areas with limited accessibility. Hand saws are typically used for electrical, plumbing and HVAC applications. Chain sawing can provide precise corners with no over cuts and no chipping.


Green Sawing & Sealing

Express specializes in the green sawing of concrete slabs of different thickness from 6" up to 22" in depth. We do the green sawing to form relief joints in the slab. We then widen the slab out to specifications by the contractor. We will also clean the joints to prepare the slab for sealing.



Whether you are removing a back patio or foundation, our hydraulic hammers can remove concrete, asphalt and rocky soil.